I need a crush tag so you can blacklist me having dumb feelings



a moment of silence for all the little girls this halloween who had to be anna because their older sister wanted to be elsa

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i’m sorry i didn’t notice, i should have checked. it’s just my friend and i love finding blogs with little known fandom stuff on it. :)

Nah, don’t feel bad! I’m just laughing cause I post so much sg it’s hard to not find it on my blog


Lizabeth Bennett
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We love what you’re doing. You’ve covered a lot already, in such a short amount of time. What would you say is your favourite era of architecture? Or which city’s architecture are you most inspired by?

I honestly have a hard time pin pointing what my favourite “era” or architecture would be. At risk of sounding too cliche, I really have fallen in love with the huge variety I have witnessed from neighbourhood to neighbourhood, city to city. I would say in hugely general terms, and as a non-expert in architecture, that I am a big fan of a lot of the architecture from the early 20th century. It all is so different as you travel, and I find it oozes the hope presumably had by many of the architects for what they believed to be possible heading into the modern era. I personally feel like we just don’t have enough of that optimism anymore. 

It is really hard for me to choose which city I’ve been most inspired by, architecturally speaking. If pressed, I would say Barcelona and the Modernista (or Catalan Modernism I think is the other name) architecture which is prevalent in Eixample. The use of space, light, geometry, the environment, and ultimately the long term planning put into those buildings is nothing short of astounding. Not to mention all of the references found all over the work of those architects to nature, and other architecture that came before it. They are absolutely masterpieces. 

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I hate the cruddy manga recolors that they shove after every chapter. Hate them so much. I’m here to read my mainstream trash manga, not look at this airbrushed appropriation of perfectly good chapter covers


Taking out a row of crocheting: Tug gently on the end zippitty zip zip you’re done.

Taking out a row of knitting: Make a blood sacrifice to satan while parallel parking and juggling knives in an ancestral wood on a moonless night. 

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